About Us

About Pretty Please Press

Pretty Please Press publishes children's books that are designed to be read aloud and talked about. Each book contains a message about character and values that helps parents and children think and talk about a variety of issues. Pretty Please Press was founded in 2001 by author Laura Aimee Garn, and is now led by publisher Vera Venturi.

About the Publisher

Vera Venturi was born in Rome, Italy and was educated in Rome, Milan and New York City. Trained as an industrial designer, she worked in publishing as an art director for Italian trade magazines and as a creative consultant in New York before joining Pretty Please Press. She is a student of classical Italian garden design and has created a beautiful garden at her home in Connecticut, where she lives with her husband Giuseppe, and their children Enrico and Maria Grazia.

About the Founder

Among Laura Aimee Garn's earliest memories are the wonderful times she spent reading picture books with her mother, who was a children's book editor and publisher. Many years later, Aimee devoted time each day to reading with her own two daughters. While Aimee's daughters were in their early school years, Aimee learned about character education as part of the school curriculum, and she decided to publish illustrated books that present messages about values in an entertaining way through Pretty Please Press.

About Our Advisors

The Advisory Board of Pretty Please Press includes experts in many fields:

Pretty Please Press is grateful to these professionals for their advice and support.